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QSR/Retail Compliance & License Managementsimplifies license issuance, tracking, and compliance. It centralizes user data, automates application process, and facilitates seamless license management.

Challenges in QSR/Retail Compliance & License Management

License Process Automation:Challenges in ascertaining the validity and applicability of all the licenses. Unable to find the list of documents needed for the application of fresh licenses.

Store Automation: Not being able to see the data for all the stores in one place. Non-availability of a master dashboard, wherein the entire data would be available at one place for quick reference and reporting.

Labour Compliance and Documents Automation: Unable to compile all the Labour Law compliance documents, for all the stores and for all the months.

Notice and Inspection Management: In case any Notice or Inspection, all the documents are not easily available and accessible at one click. It becomes challenging to manage the Inspection as we need to arrange all the documents individually.

Store Compliance Automation: Initially it was difficult to check the status of the all the abstracts and notices to be maintained at the store level.

QSR/RETAIL Compliance & License Management Features

Efficiently track and manage all software licenses in one centralized repository
Receive reminders and notifications for upcoming license renewals to avoid lapses.
Scale according to organizational needs and customize workflows accordingly.
Realtime access to all the store-wise notices. their status, submitted documents etc to manage Notices and Inspections.
Our intuitive user interface and accessibility features ensure that the tool is easy to use. promoting adoption and efficient utilization.
Robust security features are essential to protect sensitive license information and prevent unauthorized access or tampering.
Customized access levels for different users based on their roles and organization hierarchy.
Provides the feature to manage all your licenses and related documents with high security and easy accessibility at any time.