Payroll Services

Payroll services and Compliance is developed following the Indian legal framework helping in the management of records of all employees, attendance records, leave records, pay registers, calculation of Arrear Salary, Leave Encashment, Overtime, Bonus, Gratuity, etc. Companies or organizations are required to adhere to all the above-mentioned services helping meet all the requirements of their workers or employees.

In terms of starting a new company or organization, it is important that you get your venture registered for Payroll and Compliance service which increases the authenticity of the employee management process offering benefits and protection to the Company’s assets and funds.


Managing Attendance record, leave record, Pay registers etc.


Calculation of Arrear Salary, Leave Encashment, Overtime, Bonus, Gratuity etc.


Preparation of salary registers Department wise, location wise and cost center wise etc. as per client’s requirement.


Generating monthly salary reports in Excel and PDF file format like Pay register, Pay Slip, Loan statement, Tax Projection, Reimbursement etc.


Providing of Statutory dues statement like PF Challan thru ECR, ESI challan, Professional Tax, TDS & LWF amount for deposit.


Monthly TDS compliances and issuance of Form 16