Factory Compliance

The Factory compliance service involves the coordination with various Government bodies for obtaining statutory approvals and processing of statutory data. Factory License- Fresh/Renewal under Factories Act is covered under this compliance service which is mandatory for the issuance of trade licenses for different factories. Display of Statutory Notices on the notice board to inform its employees as well as visitors to the factory are also covered under this compliance service.

Factory Compliance service is best implemented for the preparation of statutory records and statutory registers containing the specific and confidential records of the factory, its shareholders, directors, loans, and guarantors, etc. Factories, be it small or large one should be equipped with file tax returns, however, factory compliance services will make the process more efficient.


License- Fresh/Renewal under Factories Act


Display of Statutory Notices


Preparation of statutory records and statutory registers


Preparation and submission of periodical statutory returns,


On-time remittance of applicable statutory payments Ensure the adequate safety measures


Audit of Contractors’ statutory documents Facilitation at the time of inspections