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Vendor Audit Management streamlines vendor relationships, from onboarding to evaluation. It centralizes data, tracks performance, and ensures compliance for efficient vendor management. It enhances efficiency. accuracy, and customer experience in retail environments.

Why Do You Need Vendor Audit Management:

To Ensure Payment to Employees: Ensuring that vendor is paying timely and full payment to employees on regular basis.

To ensure payment to Govt: Ensuring that monthly statutory payment to PF, ESIC, PT & LWF authority is paid on correct manner.

To ensure the other statutory compliances: Ensuring that the vendor is following the other applicable statutory compliances which decreases the society liabilities.

Reporting & Documents storage: We are providing the facility where principal employer access the live report of vendor compliance and storage of documents for future inspection for large period.

Vendor Management: Throught our portal easily track the contract and license expiry also compare the vendor performance.

Vendor Audit Management Features

Contract Management services designed to increase efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and profitability.
Vendor Management Services allows. organizations to manage their vendor consistently.
In-depth verification of vendor compliances and provides audit reports.
Feature to manage all your compliance documents with high security and easy accessibility through the portal.
Review of vendor compliance documents by a team of experts available 24X7.
Option to validate the Vendor Invoices. along the documents submitted against each Invoice.
Customized acess levels for different users based on their roles and organization Hierarchy.
Evaluation of vendor performance based on predefined metrics and audit scores.