Compliance requirements: Pre- and Post-Modus Operandi

Strategic analysis of Pre- and Post-compliance requirements are in place to serve for the legal compliances applying unique strategies applicable for solving compliance concerns

Our Modus Operandi


The compliance needs are first identified according to the extent of compliances by the laws, rules, regulations, and the byelaws to be followed by the organization

Classification & management

The nature of compliances is classified to check for repeated non-compliances and bring it to the fore to be noticed by the concerned management


All applicable laws, rules, regulations, municipal laws, notifications, and byelaws under the State and State statutes are enacted by Central & State legislatures

Tracking & Updating

All the compliance requirements are tracked and the changes of all the legislative & regulatory changes are updated as per the industry rules & regulations

Monitoring & Certifications

Monitoring exercise entirely based on legal research and generation of certifications, reports, and checklists that are developed to be reviewed periodically

Notifying management

Managements of organizations are notified in case of repeated non-compliances helping meet all the legal and regulation compliance requirements