Consultation Audit

Consultation and audit process is designed for the management of records for any establishment which should be undertaken annually to assess one’s financial status. A comprehensive audit process helps in the analysis of risk exposure or liabilities associated with an organization. Expert consultation provides a systematic means for employers to determine their exposure to employment lawsuits minimizing potential liabilities by taking preventative action and is required for decision making and course correction as well.

Consultations and audits are highly needed to determine employee particulars toward the employer and to identify possible areas of vulnerability. Audit scores are provided with suggestions helping you plan for the future, keep up with accounting standards, developing a timeline to assign responsibilities, organize data, etc.


Comprehensive audit of all labour related records for an establishment


Consultation on all labour legislation inclusive of all new labour codes


In-depth checking of vendor compliances and identify the gaps


Provide the exact quantify statutory unpaid dues


Provide audit score with point wise suggestions


Provide support to improve the vendor compliance level.


Maintainence of vendor data for future inspections